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"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration"

Thomas Edison

Would you benefit from any of the following? If so, I might be the right coach for your business.


I provide consistent encouragement for my clients - in session and out. I’ll become your biggest fan and the person you can depend on for practical and moral support. 



I have an intuitive ability to understand the merits of a business proposal from the outset. I’ve also honed this skill over the past three decades and can use it to your advantage.



I immediately spot “red flags” that might cost you unnecessary time and money, or even derail your business.



I can help you tap into your inner wisdom and potential, empowering you to move forward with total confidence.



I provide a friendly but steady source of accountability for you and the list of action items that we'll develop together.



Having lived and worked in Southern Oregon for 28 years I have a wealth of connections and access to resources that will be invaluable as you grow your business. 



I don't think outside the box - I think beyond the box. I have an eclectic rather than cookie cutter approach depending on the needs of my clients.


Confidential Business Coaching

I work with new and established business owners in a wide variety of industries. I tailor my coaching program to meet the needs of your particular business. I strive to make my services affordable for all business owners by adjusting my fees based on my client's current financial profile. This model makes it possible for me to coach the owners of both young and experienced businesses. Please email me to schedule a free 15 minute phone conversation if you'd like to learn more.


Professional Facilitation

Starting a business can create conflict between business partners and stakeholders. As an experienced business owner and professional facilitator I offer meeting facilitation on an hourly basis to help foster a healthy and productive discussion with clear outcomes.


Buying and Selling a Business

I have bought and sold a number businesses in my entrepreneurial career and have created a template that helps guide my clients through this process. I provide advice on all aspects of buying and selling businesses to ensure a smooth transition of ownership that yields positive outcomes for all parties.


Presentation Critiques

Preparing and giving presentations does not come easily for everyone. As a frequent presenter with over 12 years in Toastmasters, I am adept at helping my clients create their own compelling presentations. If you have a business presentation, You Tube channel, webinar or TED talk, I can critique your presentation in person or via the internet.

More Opportunities to Learn From Gary


Business Peer Discussion Group

I co-facilitate a Business Peer Discussion Group once a month for people who have been in business one year or more. This roundtable discussion lets business owners and specialists share practical advice and feedback. The framework promotes accountability and follow-through in an open and supportive atmosphere and also fosters peer networking. Participants are selected via an application process as space become available. Please contact me if you are interested in future openings.


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