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Vice President

Ashland Food Co-op

Board of Directors



Ashland Food Co-op

Grants Committee



Peer Discussion Group of

Business Owners (Thrive)

Approved Vendor

Vocational Rehabilitation in

Southern Oregon


Board Member

Southern Oregon Time Co-op



Ashland Chamber of Commerce

Greeter of the Year 2016-2017


Past President

University Toastmasters

Hi. I’m Gary. I discovered long ago that it is part of my DNA to anticipate and attract whatever I need for success. In addition to my natural proclivity for business, I’ve sharpened my entrepreneurial skills by starting, running and selling many successful businesses. When I sold Beardsley's Natural Foods in 2006, I decided to start sharing my experience with people who want to start and run their own successful businesses.


Entrepreneurship is a trial by fire. A lot of people get burned learning the hard way. I can help you see both opportunities for growth and potential pitfalls before they happen. 


My strong intuitive and analytical skills often enable me to see things business owners do not see themselves. For instance, I may focus on helping a client resolve something in their personal life that has to shift before they move forward in their business life. My intention is to help my clients become successful in business and happy in life.


I find that many business owners work hard IN their business, but not enough ON their business. Many owners have the technical skills to succeed, but lack the entrepreneurial experience essential to success. If you want to evolve from an employee with a great idea to an entrepreneur with a successful business, it’s essential to find the right mentor.


I’m looking for people who are willing to apply themselves, rather than someone looking for a magic solution. This means doing your homework and holding yourself accountable for your success. Clients often come to me for affirmation, analysis of the viability of their ideas and actions, and to discuss the pros and cons of pending business decisions. I listen with a nonjudgmental ear, and offer simple and novel ideas to contemplate. I will intercede if I perceive red flags but prefer my clients come to their own conclusions. My role is to serve as a guide on your journey to entrepreneurial success. If you're interested in working together, please get in touch with me today to schedule a free phone consultation.


Warm regards,


Mentoring Business Owners in Southern Oregon

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."

  Henry Ford


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interview on KDRV.

Gary received the prestigious Greeter of the Year Award from the Ashland Chamber of Commerce for 2016-2017.

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